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About Tine Restaurant

We take pride in making delicious food with simple ingredients. We make an effort to source from local growers, foragers, and artisans as much as possible. 

We have made it, so far, through what seemed like an impossible time!!!

That is something worth celebrating and we are excited celebrate with you!

Please understand that times are still tough. We are still feeling the effects of covid, as cases bubble up, as well as the lingering economic effects such as supply chain issues, increase cost, and staffing challenges. 

Due to limited staffing in our kitchen we often have to limit our service offerings. This may mean limited seating in the dining room and bar; restrictions on food service in our lounge; modified pacing for seating the dining room; reduced hours of operation in order to take care of the hard working staff members that we do have. 

Please note we are no longer accepting gift certificates purchased prior to February of 2020 from previous ownership. In good faith to the community we  honored these for 2 full years once our dining room was back up and running from the pandemic shut  down. However we are no longer able to support the expense of gift certificates purchased from the previous company. 

These would be paper cards stock gift certificates with the duo logo on them.

(Plastic gift cards with duo logo will still be honored as those were produced under new ownership after Feb of 2020 and prior to the name change from Duo to Tine. All new gift certificates will have the Tine logo moving forward. 

Tine is owned by a completely different business entity than Duo was. The signage stayed the same for a period of time as a process of changing hands. However we are a completely separate business with no obligation of liability to the previous. 

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion this may cause those who have not visited our space in the last in the last 2 year. We hope you will join us in the future to see what TINE is all about. 

Dining Room

Tues - Thursday 5:00 - 7:30 (last seating)

Friday & Saturday 5:00 - 8:30 (last seating)



Bar & Lounge

Opens at 5:00 

Closes approximately 1 hour after dining room based on volume

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